Quality Process  
PANEM PRODUCTS lay a great emphasis on quality and all the products undergo various quality assurance tests to give customers value for their money. This has ensured that the brand today is famous for its commitment to quality in such a short period of time. The manufacturing process is governed by a comprehensive quality plan. The results are visible as in such a short period of time the company is ISO 9001:2000 certifed company.

MS INGOTS are being manufactured with the help of modern induction furnaces. Various quality control measures are taken during the process before the INGOTS have been manufactured by the quality control department. QCD checks each and every process very attentively so that there are no shortcomings and the product being of standards.

Quality Control Measures adopted by the company are -
1. The group purchases good quality scrap and prefers mostly heavy melting scrap (HMS).
2. The QCD checks the quality of the scrap and if finds it of standard quality then only accepts it for production.
3. The furnaces go through maintenance at regular intervals which results in no loss of production and quality.
4. Temperature meters have been provided so as to check the heat temperature is normal for pouring.
5. Special masks & other equipments have been provided to melters so that there is no loss in production.
6. Certain chemicals & other substitutes are added in the furnace to make the chemical composition of INGOTS of standard quality.

7. The company has an in house lab which checks the chemical composition of the INGOTS and issues test certificates along with the products when being dispatched.
8. The INGOTS are cross checked physically before being dispatched and provided batch nos.

These products go through various quality tests -
1.The raw material is purchased from SAIL, TISCO and from our associate company PANEM CASTINGS PVT. LTD. who issues test certificates for their respective products.
2.We have an in house lab which cross checks the raw materials’ chemical composition.
3.The raw material sized for the product to be manufactured is physically examined before feeding into the re heat furnace.
4.During the course of manufacturing of STRIPS/SKELPS/FLATS to be produced as per the order are examined at regular interval. The width, thickness and length as desired are taken care by the QCD.
5.After the cooling of the product manufactured random test check of thickness, width, length, weight are carried out by the QCD.
6.Random test of bend, tensile and chemical composition are checked once the product is manufactured.

7.In case of SKELPS, the QCD gives additional stress to STRIPS to ensure proper joints of the STRIPS which are to be coiled for SKELP formation.
8.Test certificates for all its products are issued by the QCD and by the lab incharge.
9.Tensile tests are done to check the ultimate tensile strength of the STRIPS/SKELPS/FLATS along with yield strength and elongation.
PANEM PIPES is achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification for its quality management systems in each and every department of its division, ensuring quality at every stage of manufacturing process. Various quality assurance tests include 100% straightening of tubes. Process test includes the drift test to check for weld cracks and metal expansions. Tensile tests are done to check the ultimate tensile strength of the tubes along with yield strength and elongation. The flattening test examines weld fractures and surface defects. The profile projector checks the correctness of the thread profiles to ensure leak proof joints
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